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If you're not on ClickForMeal, then your competition is receiving your share of online orders!

I am owner of a restaurant. Why should I join ClickForMeal? What is my Benefit?

Add online ordering
Offer your customers a new way to order from your business on ClickForMeal.

Reach new markets & Increase your sales is growing in Oman and more customers order online day by day. Being online with ClickForMeal will open your restaurant doors to new customers who order their food online in Oman so you make more money than your competitors who only provide old-fashion phone communication. More customers means more orders!

We advertise your restaurant for free
Clickformeal promote your name in different ways such as Internet, Newspaper, flyers, Mass SMS. Your restaurant will get exposed to many new customers in your delivery area. Your menu will reach countless internet users.

It`s "Pay as you go!" You only pay for the business you receive. Your risk is nothing!
There are no setup fees. ClickForMeal charges a small service charge on the food total of each order we send you.

Your employees will spend less time on the phone taking orders
They will be focused on the food preparation instead of taking order on the phone. You don`t need to hire someone for phone calls!

Secure orders
We ask for costumers to put their actual phone numbers and addresses when they register with us. Also, we call them to confirm their food orders before final submission

Improve accuracy of your orders
Orders placed through ClickForMeal are clearly printed, eliminating errors due to misinterpretation or handwriting illegibility. No misunderstanding, no miscommunications. Customers are happy as they always get exactly what they wanted.

Define where you want to deliver!
You will never get an order from outside of your delivery area. You define where you deliver and get orders from the customers within your delivery area

REMINDER! Being a member of ClickForMeal will not cost you anything unless we bring you additional business.

Try ClickForMeal only 3 months totally free!. You can cancel anytime if not happy. We do not require a commitment.

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